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The Central Massachusetts Agency on Aging is working to help grandparents raising grandkids.

The nonprofit focuses on seniors serving 61 cities and towns across Central Massachusetts.

Executive Director, Dr. Moses Dixon, said the pandemic can be an especially challenging time for older caregivers because of the technology kids are using for remote learning.

“The grandparents that are raising the grandkids, or are having to homeschool them which is a difficult challenge for them since a lot of them are not technology savvy. So we reached out to a number of funders and other entities to support us to be able to support these grandparents during this difficult time as well as going into the holiday season where there is a lot of mental health challenges not only among the grandparents but also the grandkids,” said Dr. Dixon.

The agency is offering scholarships in partnership with the Elder Services of Worcester for up to $300 per family.

For more information you can call 508-756-1545.​