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Recent news, events and updates from the Central Massachusetts Agency on Aging.


CMAA & Worcester Sheriff’s Office ‘Gifts for Seniors’ Ceremony Recap!

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This past Thursday, the Central Massachusetts Agency on Aging and the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office presented bags of gifts as part of Shrewsbury Senior Center’s “Gifts for Seniors” program.

Staff, volunteers, and community members gathered to celebrate the item donations and explain the importance of this collaboration. There was even an online shoutout by the Bombas sock company afterwards!


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Facebook post courtesy of the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office


Get involved!


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The In It Together Volunteer Group is looking for newly purchased gifts to distribute to local seniors during the holiday season. The program runs October 1 to December 1.

Items can be dropped off at the front of the Shrewsbury Senior Center, located at 98 Maple Ave. There are designated bins for items. Remember, all items must be new with tags on.

They are looking for:

  • holiday cards (handmade or bought)
  • non-skid socks
  • sugar-free candy
  • diet and regular ginger ale
  • adult coloring books
  • colored pencils
  • granola bars
  • cookies
  • cereal
  • peanut butter
  • crackers
  • Spam
  • large print crosswords
  • word search books
  • lotion
  • deodorant
  • toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • soap
  • coin purse
  • flashlight
  • stuffed animal
  • water
  • blankets
  • mittens
  • combs and brushes
  • toilet paper
  • paper towels
  • tissues
  • hand sanitizer
  • masks

Questions? Email Paula at


Boxes of non-perishable snacks including Jif to go cups
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Happy Veteran’s Day from CMAA

NOVEMBER 10, 2020


The Central Massachusetts Agency on Aging is committed to supporting veterans near and far. For over 45 years, we’ve worked to help older Americans across Central Massachusetts get access to the resources they need. Read on to learn more about local events and happenings for this important holiday.

Statewide Veterans' Day Activities

Massachusetts Veterans Day 2020

Virtual Veterans Day Ceremony, 10:00am

Featuring speakers and musical performances, remarks by Governor Baker, and more! The ceremony will be broadcast on Facebook pages for the Department of Veterans’ Services, the Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke, and the Soldiers’ Home in Chelsea as well as on the Commonwealth’s website.


Stream the ceremony online at:  


Northern Central MA Veterans' Day Activities


Fitchburg Access Television (FATV)

Virtual Veterans Day Ceremony, 11:00am

A livestreamed broadcast available online and your television!


If you reside in Fitchburg and have cable, watch on Comcast Channel 99 and Verizon Channel 37.

To view the broadcast online, visit and click on the ‘Government Live Stream’ button.



The City of Leominster and Leominster Veterans’ Services

Veterans Day Presentation, 11:00am


Due to the Governor of Massachusetts’ recent orders, in person attendees will be limited to staff, the Mayor, award recipients and a select few key participants. The ceremony can be watched on Leominster Access Television.


If you reside in Leominster and have cable, watch on Comcast Channel 8 and Verizon Channel 34.


To view the broadcast online, visit and watch at 11:00am.

Central MA Veterans' Day Activities


Veterans Inc. presents:

Veterans’ Day Car Parade and Pancake Breakfast-To-Go!

Click here to register!


Decorate your car in a patriotic theme and celebrate our veterans!


  • 10:00am – Line up at Percy’s Appliance (19 Glennie Street, Worcester, MA)
  • 10:30am – Parade Begins
  • 11:00am – Parade Ends at Green Hill Park where there will be a WWI Memorial Unveiling

*COVID-19 guidelines will be enforced and participants must remain in their vehicle at all times. Limited numbers, so register today!


Graphic for Veterans, Inc. Veterans Day Car Parade and Pancake Breakfast-To-Go
Southern Central MA Veterans' Day Activities


Old Sturbridge Village

Veterans’ Day Activities at The Village, 9:30am-4:00pm

Cost: All active, veteran and retired members of the military and their families* receive free admission on Veterans Day. (*up to 6 people). For non-military guests, Veterans Day activities are included with standard daytime admission or Village membership; Please make sure to reserve/purchase tickets before arriving!


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Photo courtesy of Old Sturbridge Village

To celebrate Veterans Day, Old Sturbridge Village will present special activities celebrating the nation’s military history. Listen to fife and drum music, watch musket and cannon demonstrations, and see how American military uniforms have changed over the past 200 years.


(Weather conditions could impact where and how certain activities take place. Visitors are expected to follow COVID-19 guidelines, including wearing masks when interacting with staff and other guests.)

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month!!!!

National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is observed
every September in the United States by health experts and
advocates, and individuals concerned with men’s prostate health.
Designating a month for the disease serves the purpose of
increasing public awareness of the importance of prostate health
and screenings, educating about risk factors and symptoms, and
advocating for further research on prostate health issues.

Risk Factors
There are several risk factors associated with prostate cancer,
including family history, race, and diet, but the most common
factor is age. Prostate cancer occurs mainly in older men. About
six in ten cases are diagnosed in men aged 65 or older, and it is
rare before age 40. The average age at the time of diagnosis is
about 66.

Who is most at risk at being diagnosed?
The average age of a prostate cancer diagnosis is 66, according to
the ACS, and it’s rare to be diagnosed with prostate cancer before
the age of 40. This is why testing isn’t usually suggested until you
are at least 45.

The men most affected by prostate cancer are older than 50. Your
chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer increases with
age, too. According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the
following is a list of a man’s chances of developing prostate cancer
at different age ranges:
Before 50: 1 in 403
Between 50 and 59: 1 in 58
Between 60 and 69: 1 in 21
Between 70 and 79: 1 in 14

The chances of being diagnosed with the disease continue to rise
after 80.

Prostate Cancer Prevention
As we’ve seen with high diagnosis rates in men in their 80s and
90s, prostate cancer is almost inevitable if you live long enough.
This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take all the steps we can to try
and prevent the cancer cells from triggering and metastasizing.

Here are some steps you can take that may help push back
a diagnosis:

Healthy Diet:
Eating certain foods like vegetables, fruits, and fish (which is high
in omega-3 fatty acids, which are good fats) is recommended
because it takes away from eating fatty foods, like pork, fried food,
and cheese, which play a role in weight gain. People with higher
body mass indexes (above 30) have been shown to have an
increased risk of developing prostate cancer.

Related to healthy food helping maintain weight, exercising can be
beneficial in terms of maintaining a healthy BMI. An increase in
exercise, paired with a healthier diet, can help you drop weight
quickly and get to proper BMI levels.

Reduce stress:
Stress has been shown to aid the progression of active cancer cells
in your prostate. It also negatively affects your immune system,
which is constantly fighting cancer cells when they’re present.
These preventative steps are also recommended for other types of
cancers and diseases. While they may not explicitly reduce your
risk of getting prostate cancer, following these steps won’t
increase your chances of developing the disease.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding a prostate cancer
diagnosis—or think you may have the disease—contact your
doctor immediately.

For more information and resources about Prostate Cancer
Prevention, please visit the following web sites:

Stay Healthy & Safe!
Central Massachusetts Agency on Aging, Inc.

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